Preventing Hair Loss after Weight Loss Surgery

Hair is a complex part of the human anatomy. Hair follicles are sturdy, but also susceptible to many of the lifestyle and behavioral changes that we experience over the course of our lifetimes (This is outlined in greater detail in the causes of hair loss after weight loss surgery page). As such, predicting hair loss after weight loss surgery is difficult at best. Further complicating the issue is the possibility of other factors that may be contribute to hair loss that are unrelated to weight loss surgery.

Mitigating weight loss surgery-caused hair loss starts with a well-planned post-surgical diet that follows the recommendation as outlined in our post-op guide. Every patient will have a custom diet plan made specifically to ensure they receive the proper balance of vitamin and nutrient levels for their bodies and lifestyle. Following this post-surgical plan may not prevent hair loss altogether but it may shorten the duration of hair loss or reduce the amount of hair lost.

Patients should understand that a great deal of success after weight loss surgery revolves around learning about their bodies and understanding what they need to stay healthy. They must help themselves strike the right balance between weight loss and health – everything in moderation.

Patients should also be mindful of rushing their weight loss efforts by eating less than is prescribed to them in their post-surgical diet regimen. It is easy to eat less and less as the numbers on the scale drop, but doing so can lead to serious malnutrition as well as extended periods of hair loss. Further, a starvation or extreme low calorie diet may not have any benefit to long term weight loss – in fact it may be counterproductive.

Ultimately preventing hair loss after weight loss surgery may be impossible, but there are ways to help mitigate its effects. Speak to your surgeon or primary care physician to understand more about tips and tricks to mitigate hair loss.

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